Police Officer Car Chase Vs Bank Robbers: Offroad

Police Officer Car Chase Vs Bank Robbers: Offroad

Police Officer Car Chase Vs Bank Robbers: Offroad

Hammad Sharif Oyunlar

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Police Chase Bank Robbers in a Hail of Bullets Revisited from MAY 04, 2016 Myrtle Beach

Welcome to mad crime town, famous for bank heist and street crimes. Play the latest action simulator game to enjoy the most thrilling and wildest police vs robbers missions. Join police squad and stop the grand heist in urban town by shooting gangsters or driving car to arrest criminals.

The great city is tearing itself apart with gang troubles, drug mafia and reckless corruption. Dealers and gangbangers rule the city and grand gangsters are planning the biggest bank robbery of century. Team up with city police officers to shoot down robbers and kill mafia guys to destroy crime empire. Seek vendetta in killing bad guys from dark and seedy underworld. Crime patrol department informed about heist in offroad town. Buckle up and drive police mobile as fast as you can to report at crime scene. Notorious gangsters attack on city bank and hijack staff. Rush to crime spot to shoot-out armed rivals and release kidnapped civilians. Drive police car to chase escaping criminals after grand bank robbery.

Game Features:

10 challenging car chase and police shooter missions
Multiple police vehicles including sports cars
Automatic pistol and mp5 rifle for shooting mobsters
Massive offroad environment and realistic big town
Smooth controls for easy car driving and gun shooting
Incredible 3D graphics and immersive sounds

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